“We need to get back to basics”: Council leaders urge communities to follow COVID rules to halt surging infection rates

Thursday, 10 September 2020


Residents, businesses and communities in all parts of Wales are being urged by council leaders to follow the necessary rules and precautions to limit the growing numbers of COVID cases. 

Local restrictions have been introduced in the Caerphilly County area from 6pm on Tuesday in response to the growing numbers of COVID cases, with other areas also showing an increase in rates of infection.


To limit the spread of the virus, it’s vital that we all:

  • keep 2m social distancing
  • wash hands regularly
  • stay outdoors when meeting another household, outside an extended household

(Note: as part of the local lockdown, Caerphilly residents are restricted from meeting people from other households)

  • work from home wherever possible
  • wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces where possible


Councillor Andrew Morgan (Rhondda Cynon Taf), WLGA Leader said:

“The growing number of cases in Wales is extremely worrying and puts at risk the progress that we’ve all made since March due to our efforts and sacrifices. Coronavirus is still very much here and we all must continue to be very cautious.

“Councils are working hard with partners to enforce the rules and to contact trace. However, the starting point is for every one of us to act sensibly by following the rules in the first place. Not often in times of crisis is there an opportunity for every single one of us to help to end it. But we all have that chance today. It is in all of our hands to help to halt the spread of the virus, to protect ourselves and each other, and to keep Wales safe.”


Councillor Hugh Evans OBE (Denbighshire), WLGA Independents Group Leader said:

“If you have any symptoms including a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or loss of or change to sense of smell or taste, it is vital that you self-isolate and get yourself tested. You should only get a test if you have developed any one of the symptoms.

“Councils continue to play a key role in tracing contacts, supporting vulnerable people and making sure that premises comply with public protection rules. However, we all are the first line of defence from the devastating effects that this virus could have, not only on ourselves but also on other people. For the sake of every community in Wales, we must all double down on our responsibility to follow the rules and our role in responding to the crisis.”


Councillor Emlyn Dole (Carmarthenshire), WLGA Plaid Cymru Group Leader said:

“Sadly, we have seen incidents in many parts of Wales where the reckless behaviour of a minority of people is seriously putting at risk their own and other people’s health, as well as the sacrifices we’ve all made over these difficult few months.

“Only a few short months ago, we all showed our gratitude and appreciation to our key workers; many clapped on doorsteps, others drew rainbows on bins, and all communities in Wales obeyed the rules. We must continue to do that if we are to support our key workers and health service over the difficult winter.”


Councillor Peter Fox OBE (Monmouthshire), WLGA Conservative Group Leader said:

“Together, we all helped to make great progress in tackling the spread of the disease. But the spikes that we are seeing in many places is very concerning and risks a surge in demand on the health service, on top of the pressure that the winter months bring each year.

“Coronavirus remains a potent threat to all of us, especially the most vulnerable in our communities. If we are to take care of our own health and that of our family, friends and neighbours, we have to be responsible for the actions we take. Everyone in Wales is yearning for a return to more normal times at the earliest opportunity. The only way that will happen is for us all to observe the public health rules and advice.”


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