National Commissioning Board Wales

The National Commissioning Board has been established with the broad purpose of improving the quality of commissioning in Wales and developing effective practice in relation to integrated commissioning between local authorities and local health boards.


The Board's membership is made up of representatives from: Local Authority, NHS, Regional Leads, National Provider Forum, Third Sector (WCVA), Wales Procurement Officers, Social Care Wales, CSSIW, WLGA, Improvement Agencies and Welsh Government.


Work Programme 2020-21

The Boards’ projects include:


The Board's Projects can be summarized as follows:

  • Market analysis of Care Homes for Older People in Wales / Open link here
  • Support the development of Market Position Statement for Care Homes in North Wales (using results of market analysis) and subject to resources develop opportunities for sharing learning from this exercise to the other regions
  • Develop model agreement for the development of a formal partnership and pooled fund for the integrated commissioning of services from care homes / Open link here
  • Model Terms and Conditions (Standards) for Care Homes and Home Care Services
  • Developing an outcomes focused approach to the commissioning of home care
  • Supporting Care Council for Wales (Social Care Wales) in the development of the national care at home strategy
  • Examining the options for securing services through procurement and non-procurement routes that promote person centred care together with a sustainable good quality workforce
  • Examining the Skills and Capacity of Commissioners / Open link here
  • Learning Disabilities: Development of Integrated Commissioning Guidance for Commissioning Services for People with Learning Disabilities / Open link here
  • Development of a Practice Guide for Leading Integrated and Collaborative Commissioning / Open link here
  • Terms of Reference - National Commissioning Board (Wales)


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