Wales Strategic Migration Partnership


Established in 2001, the Wales Strategic Migration Partnership (WSMP) is funded by the Home Office and works with stakeholders in the statutory, voluntary, private and community sectors to provide strategic leadership, advisory and coordination function on migration in Wales. There are also Migration Partnerships across the UK, forming a national infrastructure.


The WSMP is hosted by the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) to reflect the Partnership's all-Wales’ role around migration and to help foster closer working with the 22 local authorities in Wales, linking in with local government's political structures and local priorities.


The team consists of:


Anne Hubbard - Manager

07950 954925

Emma Maher - Refugee Resettlement Coordinator

07787 558244

Sabina Hussain - Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children Coordinator

07787 578873

Erica Williams - ESOL Coordinator

07436 034913

Michael Smith - HONG KONG BN(O) Scheme Project Coordinator 

07502 276946

Adrian Marszalek - Ukraine Schemes Coordinator

07500 963380

Brigid Corr

07553 050655


The Partnership's role is to:


  • Facilitate collaboration and debate among UK, devolved and local government and public services, voluntary and private sector and all partners with an interest in migration, in support of a strategic approach
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of national, devolved and local migration policy, resolving issues and sharing best practice 
  • Assist in the delivery of services that meet asylum seekers, refugees and migrants’ needs across Wales
  • Act as a conduit for two-way information flow between the Home Office and other government departments and national (UK and Wales) partners


The Wales Strategic Migration Partnership's Executive Board meets three times a year to ensure strategic oversight of migration programmes in Wales and a coordinated, place-based approach. Meetings of the Executive Board are chaired by Cllr Andrea Lewis and are attended by elected members and senior representatives from local authorities, Home Office, Welsh Government, Clearsprings/Ready Homes, British Red Cross, Migrant Help, Welsh Refugee Council, Public Health Wales, Displaced People in Action (DPIA), Welsh Police Forces, Faith Communities. Observers: Children’s Commissioner for Wales and Institute of Directors.





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