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A collection of useful resources from organisations working towards net zero housing.

Low Carbon & Resource Efficient Construction Procurement Guidance - 2022 (WRAP Cymru)

Route map to net zero carbon buildings in Wales - 2021 (Consortium of Local Authorities in Wales)

Building a world free from waste and pollution - 2021 (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

Redesigning how we make and use buildings to reach net-zero emissions.

Construction Resources: For a Circular Economy - 2020 (Zero Waste Scotland)

Circular Economy How to Guide: Reusing products and materials in built assets - 2020 (UKGBC)

This How-to Guide will explore Maximise reuse in more detail and set out actions for project teams to take forward during design and construction stages.

Reuse: Opportunities for better use of waste construction materials - Video (UCL)

How reuse of waste construction components could be made much more common.



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