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The National ASD Development Team is funded by the Welsh Government and hosted by the Welsh Local Government Association, working in partnership with Public Health Wales. The team works closely with the Welsh Government, local ASD leads within local authorities and health boards, key stakeholders and advisory groups.

The team currently consists of:

  • Wendy Thomas, National Professional Lead for Autism
  • Sara Harvey, National Strategic Lead for Autism
  • Tracy Hinton, National Autism Development Officer
  • Vacant, National Autism Development Support Officer
  • Linda Pilgrim, Administrative Support Officer
  • Sioned Thomas, Regional Autism Development Officer (North Wales)
  • Frances Rees, Regional Autism Development Officer (West Wales)

The National ASD Development Team works closely with, and co-ordinates regular meetings of the ASD leads forum.

ASDinfoWales website

ASDinfoWales is the national website for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Here you'll find information about Autistic Spectrum Disorders (including Autism and Asperger Syndrome), service details, training opportunities and updates on the implementation of the ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales.

There are a range of easily accessible resources that can be shared with individuals with ASD, their family/carers and professionals working with children and adults with ASD.

There are resources aimed at developing skills amongst practitioners as well as those aimed at supporting parents and carers and those to assist individuals with an ASD. These include a learning ASD Aware certification scheme, post diagnostic guide books and films and an ASD Planner app designed to help individuals with ASD to plan, organise and sequence daily activities.

Our more recent developments are:

  • ‘Working with Autism’ - this provides a range of tools and resources for individuals with autism who are seeking employment, and the professionals who support them. These resources include specific training and ASD awareness for professionals. For individuals with an ASD there is a skills dictionary, skills builder, and an online workbook to support the job search. These are accompanied by an easy to use CV builder and an app that supports elements of these tools.
  • ‘Learning with Autism’ - this whole school awareness raising programme for mainstream primary schools will ensure a supportive, inclusive approach for children with ASD attending mainstream primary schools. Schools can achieve ‘ASD Aware School’ status by completing the programme.  This innovative programme includes a written guide, training films for teachers & support staff, Autism Superhero comic strip and pledge for pupils as well as other useful resources.
  • Health and Social Care Practitioners, such as e-learning certification scheme for practitioners working with adults or children, awareness film for primary health care practitioners, practitioner and clinician toolkits which include referral advice, advice sheets for parents and SIGNS of autism posters.
2017-18 Annual Report from the National ASD Development Team: Open link here 
2018-19 Work Plan from the National ASD Development Team: Open link here

Link: The Happy Birthday: A film about the signs of autism in children

For more information please visit the website at: or contact: Tracy Hinton

Press Releases

27 September 2018 16:27:00
A training film made in Wales, aimed at raising awareness of the signs of autism among front-line professionals in health and education, is being officially re-launched today in a pioneering collaboration with four European countries. Led by a...

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