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Promoting diversity among councillors 

by WLGA Leader, Councillor Andrew Morgan
This year’s local elections in May will be a chance to make significant strides for diversity in local government, as all seats across Wales’ 22 councils will be contested. We all know the current situation in our council chambers; councillors... read more
Friday, 14 January 2022 Categories: Local Democracy and Governance News

A tribute to the late Councillor Mair Stephens 

Our thoughts and sympathies are with Councillor Mair Stephens’ friends and family. Mair was a popular and committed member of the WLGA Council, representing the WLGA on the Partnership Council and the Data Cymru Board. She will be... read more
Wednesday, 12 January 2022 Categories: News

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) represents the interests of local government and promotes local democracy in Wales.

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