Resources - WLGA Reports

Brexit update - View report here

Presented to WLGA Council on 29 November 2019 

  • This report provides an update on latest developments relating to Brexit and of relevance to local authorities.

Brexit update - View report here / View appendix here

Presented to WLGA Executive Board on 27 September 2019

  • This report provides an update on work being undertaken by local authorities to prepare for the range of possible Brexit outcomes, including a no deal exit.

Brexit update - View report here 

Presented to WLGA Executive Board on 19 July 2019

  • This report provides an overview of latest developments regarding Brexit and an update on both the challenges facing local authorities and the preparatory steps being taken. 

Brexit: Local Government Preparedness and Post-Brexit Implications for Regional and Rural Economies - View outcome report here

WLGA Delegation Visit to Cornwall - 31 January 2019 / 01 February 2019

  • This visit was organised with Cornwall Council to exchange views and intelligence on Local Government Brexit preparedness; the UK Government’s proposals for Fisheries, Agriculture and Rural Development; European relations post-Brexit; and current thinking on emerging proposals for regional development funding and policy (replacing EU funds).

Brexit update - View report here 

Presented to WLGA Management Sub-Committee on 22 February 2019

  • This report provides an update on Brexit development generally, a bid submitted by WLGA on behalf of all LAs to the Welsh Government’s EU Transition Fund and a Brexit Preparedness Advisory Panel established between Welsh Government, WLGA and local authorities 

Brexit update and feedback from discussion at Partnership Council - View paper here

Presented to WLGA Executive Board on 25 January 2019

  • This is the latest in a series of reports to WLGA Executive Board and Council, produced as Brexit events have unfolded

Actions from WLGA Delegation to Brussels 8-10 October 2018 - View report here

Presented to WLGA Executive Board on 26 October 2018

  • To provide Members with feedback from the WLGA’s delegation visit to Brussels and to outline key messages and actions from the discussions held

NILGA Policy Paper - Outcome Report from Delegation visit to Wales (City and Growth Deals in Practice) 15-16 November 2018 - View report here  

  • A NILGA delegation of elected members and officers from ten Northern Ireland councils visited Wales at the invitation of the Welsh Local Government Association, to examine and bring back learning from the City & Growth Deal process that could be relevant to councils in Northern Ireland. The group also explored post-Brexit funding opportunities (including the replacement of EU funding), moves towards regional coordination of economic development in Wales and the role of councils in place-shaping

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