WLGA Staff

Name Job Title Team Email Address
Anne Hubbard Manager, Wales Strategic Migration Partnership Social Services and Housing anne.hubbard@wlga.gov.uk
Annette James Corporate Administration Support Resources annette.james@wlga.gov.uk
Barry Williams Improvement Assistant - Waste  Regeneration and Environment barry.williams@wlga.gov.uk
Catherine Davies Lifelong Learning Policy Officer (Children) Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information catherine.davies@wlga.gov.uk
Holly Roberts Communications & Events Manager (Safer Communities Network)  Social Services and Housing holly.roberts@wlga.gov.uk
Christina Powdrill School Holidays Enrichment Programme Co-ordinator Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information christina.powdrill@wlga.gov.uk
Clover Rodrigues Policy Officer (Improvement and Governance) Improvement and Governance clover.rodrigues@wlga.gov.uk
Craig Mitchell Head of Waste Support, Waste Improvement Programme Regeneration and Environment craig.mitchell@wlga.gov.uk
Daniel Hurford Head of Policy (Improvement and Governance) Improvement and Governance daniel.hurford@wlga.gov.uk
Dilwyn Jones Communications and Public Affairs Manager (Interim)  Improvement and Governance dilwyn.jones@wlga.gov.uk
Elaine Adams Administrative Support Officer Social Services and Housing elaine.adams@wlga.gov.uk
Eve Swindley Senior Support Officer Regeneration and Environment eve.swindley@wlga.gov.uk
Erica Williams ESOL Coordinator (Wales)  Social Servives and Housing Erica.Williams@wlga.gov.uk
Gareth Thomas Food in Schools Coordinator Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information gareth.thomas@wlga.gov.uk
Jason Rees Corporate Administration Support Resources jason.rees@wlga.gov.uk
Jean-Francois Dulong Flood and Water Officer Regeneration and Environment jean-francois.dulong@wlga.gov.uk
Jeannie Wyatt Williams National Exercise Referral Scheme Manager for Wales Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information jeannie.wyattwilliams@wlga.gov.uk
Jenna Redfern Resources Senior Support Officer Resources jenna.redfern@wlga.gov.uk
Jim McKirdle Policy Officer (Housing) Social Services and Housing jim.mckirdle@wlga.gov.uk
Jon Rae Director of Resources Resources jon.rae@wlga.gov.uk
Graham Jones Associate HR Adviser Resources graham.jones@wlga.gov.uk
Jonathan Roberts Improvement Officer - Waste Regeneration and Environment jonathan.roberts@wlga.gov.uk
Lee Pitt Democratic Services Officer Corporate lee.pitt@wlga.gov.uk
Linda Pilgrim Administrative Support Officer National Autism Team Linda.Pilgrim@wlga.gov.uk
Liz Rose Adviser - Education and Training Standards Wales Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information elizabeth.rose@wlga.gov.uk
Lowri Gwilym Team Manager – Europe and Regeneration  Regeneration and Environment lowri.gwilym@wlga.gov.uk
Mari Thomas Policy Officer (Finance)  Resources mari.thomas@wlga.gov.uk
Millie Taylor All Wales Project Officer for Service Children in Education Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information millie.taylor@wlga.gov.uk
Naomi Alleyne Director of Social Services and Housing Social Services and Housing naomi.alleyne@wlga.gov.uk
Nathan Gardner Office Manager Resources nathan.gardner@wlga.gov.uk
Neville Rookes Policy Officer - Environment Regeneration and Environment neville.rookes@wlga.gov.uk
Pierre Bernhard Grout ADEW Liaison Officer   Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information pierre.bernhard-grout@wlga.gov.uk
Rachel Morgan Policy Officer (Community Safety)  Social Services and Housing rachel.morgan@wlga.gov.uk
Richard Dooner Programme Manager Resources richard.dooner@wlga.gov.uk
Sam Smith Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Corporate sam.smith@wlga.gov.uk
Sara Harvey National Strategic Lead for Autism National Autism Team sara.harvey@wlga.gov.uk
Sarah Titcombe Policy and Improvement Officer (Democratic Services) Improvement and Governance sarah.titcombe@wlga.gov.uk
Silvi Spiegel

Senior Support Officer

Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information silvi.spiegel@wlga.gov.uk
Simon Wilkinson Policy Officer Regulatory Services Corporate simon.wilkinson@wlga.gov.uk
Stephen Jones Regional Co-ordinator - North Wales Resources stephen.jones@wlga.gov.uk
Chris Llewelyn Chief Executive  Corporate chris.llewelyn@wlga.gov.uk
Stewart Blythe Policy Officer: Social Services and Health Social Services and Housing stewart.blythe@wlga.gov.uk
Tim Opie Lifelong Learning Policy Officer (Youth) Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information tim.opie@wlga.gov.uk
Tim Peppin Director of Regeneration and Sustainable Development Regeneration and Environment tim.peppin@wlga.gov.uk
Emma Maher

Wales Refugee Resettlement Coordinator

Social Services and Housing emma.maher@wlga.gov.uk
Frances Rees National Autism Development Officer (South Wales)  National Autism Team frances.rees@wlga.gov.uk
Sioned Thomas National Autism Development Officer (North & Mid Wales)  National Autism Team sioned.thomas@wlga.gov.uk
Wendy Thomas National Professional Lead for Autism National Autism Team wendy.thomas@wlga.gov.uk
Huw Morgan Highways Special Projects Officer Regeneration and Environment huw.morgan@wlga.gov.uk
Elaine Scale Policy Support Officer NERS Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information elaine.scale@wlga.gov.uk
Karen Higgins Head of Workforce Partnership Council Joint Secretariat Resources karen.higgins@wlga.gov.uk
Gaynor Williams Finance Officer Resources / Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information gaynor.williams@wlga.gov.uk
Sabina Hussain Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children Coordinator Social Services and Housing sabina.hussain@wlga.gov.uk
Kieran Williams Administrative and Research Officer Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information kieran.williams@wlga.gov.uk
Emily Griffiths Senior Support Officer  Improvement and Governance emily.griffiths@wlga.gov.uk
Janet Davies Administrative Support Officer  Resources janet.davies@wlga.gov.uk
Lucy Sweet Communications Officer (Publications and Events) Improvement and Governance lucy.sweet@wlga.gov.uk
Gwawr James National Dietitian for Special Diets in Schools  Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information gwawr.james@wlga.gov.uk
Helen Howells Rural Wales Policy Officer Regeneration and Environment helen.howells@wlga.gov.uk  
Sharon Davies Head of Education  Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information sharon.davies@wlga.gov.uk
Maria Bell Head of Policy: National Commissioning Board  Social Services and Housing maria.bell@wlga.gov.uk
Ieuan Rees Special Projects Administrative Assistant  National Autism Team ieuan.rees@wlga.gov.uk
Lucy Richardson Policy Officer: National Commissioning Board Social Services and Housing  lucy.richardon@wlga.gov.uk
Sam Hall Local Government Chief Digital Officer  Improvement and Governance sam.hall@wlga.gov.uk
Ella Rabaiotti Head of Wales Safer Communities Network Social Services and Housing  ella.rabaiotti@wlga.gov.uk
Sarah Capstick Business & Network Development Manager - Wales Safer Communities Network Social Services and Housing sarah.capstick@wlga.gov.uk
Joanna Goodwin Agile Senior Delivery Manager – Digital Lead Improvement and Governance joanna.goodwin@wlga.gov.uk
Bethan Gilson National Autism Communications, Research and Improvement Officer National Autism Team bethan.gilson@wlga.gov.uk
Tom Brame User Researcher (Digital Team) Improvement and Governance tom.brame@wlga.gov.uk
Chris Sutton Agile Delivery Support Officer Improvement and Governance chris.sutton@wlga.gov.uk

Kaarina Ruta

Transport Assistant Regeneration and Environment kaarina.ruta@wlga.gov.uk
Paul Owens Agile Delivery Manager Improvement and Governance paul.owens@wlga.gov.uk  
Elin Stock

Policy Officer – Curriculum for Wales and Welsh in Education 

Lifelong Learning, Leisure and Information elin.stock@wlga.gov.uk
Jo Hendy Head of the Improvement Programme Improvement and Governance jo.hendy@wlga.gov.uk
Helen Hill Support Officer - Wales Safer Communities Network Social Services and Housing helen.hill@wlga.gov.uk
Jayne Wotton Senior Support Officer - 
Transition & Recovery Support Programme 
Regeneration and Environment jayne.wotton@wlga.gov.uk
Kirsty Jones National Autism Development Officer National Autism Team kirsty.jones@wlga.gov.uk
Aimee Sharratt Agile Business Analyst Improvement and Governance aimee.sharratt@wlga.gov.uk


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