Peer Challenge and Support

The WLGA will work closely with the LGA to provide access to programmes currently only available to English authorities and to recruit and train a pool of Welsh senior member and officer peers to provide peer challenge and support across our universal and targeted offer. Welsh authorities will also have access to the expertise and experience of peers from England and vice versa.  


The WLGA is currently developing its peer challenge and support offer, but in the meantime will fund Welsh authorities to access the LGA’s offer.


LGA Recovery and Renewal Panel 

The LGA Recovery and Renewal Panel is a focused two to three-hour remote session which creates space for councils to pause and reflect on their response to COVID-19 and facilitate an open and collaborative conversation about recovery and renewal plans, capturing and sharing learning about developing practice from across the sector. The panel will be made up of a small group of officer and member peers selected by the host council from our unique pool of peers.


The newly developed Recovery and Renewal Panel will be led by one of our Regional Principal Advisers, Programme Managers or Advisers together with a small team of peers who will harness the learning and unique sector led improvement approach of peer challenge.


Before remotely 'coming on site' the panel will review documentation and data sourced by the LGA, before facilitating a remote session with senior leaders to understand the council's transition from response to recovery and then onto renewal. 


During the session the panel will explore what sustainable solutions the council has developed with its communities to: 

  • lead its communities and local economies to re-establish wellbeing and prosperity 
  • ensure it is resilient and has robust governance so that its communities can define recovery and hold the council and government to account 
  • ensure it has sustainable leadership and levels of resource that allow it to meet its statutory responsibilities and political commitments while driving recovery and renewal in the area.


LGA Bespoke Remote Peer Support

Building on the strong peer-based approach of the LGA Recovery and Renewal Panel, the LGA’s Bespoke Remote Peer Support is another remotely delivered offer that focuses on a specific issue or set of issues that the council wants to review in greater depth. 


This will require more detailed interviews and discussions with the council which are all remotely facilitated using a similar approach to the traditional peer challenges.  


As this support is more in depth the time to deliver will be slightly longer over a period of 2-3 days. The approach will be dependent on the scope which will be developed in conjunction with the council. As with the Recovery and Renewal Panel, the team will be made up of an LGA peer support manager and a small team of officer and member peers. 


To find out more about delivering a LGA Peer Recovery and Renewal Panel or Bespoke Remote Peer Support in your council, please contact Gary Hughes:    


Being a Peer

If you would like to be considered as a peer for either of the Remote Peer Offers please contact


We are particularly keen to hear from peers who are currently leading on their council’s recovery and renewal work at present who would be interested in using their experience to date to review others progress so far.


Full training will be provided through virtual peer training sessions as well as an e-Learning module. If you would be interested in participating in a training event please contact us via



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