Corporate Governance and Performance

Corporate Joint Committees (CJCs)

Supporting member authorities to establish what support is needed to support the establishment of CJCs.



The Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 establishes a new legislative framework for local government elections, democracy, governance, and performance. The Act requires each council in Wales to keep under review, through self-assessment, the extent to which it is meeting the ‘performance requirements’, that is the extent to which:


  • It is exercising its functions effectively
  • It is using its resources economically, efficiently, and effectively
  • Its governance is effective for securing the above


The Act also places a duty to publish a report setting out the conclusions of their self-assessments once in respect of every financial year.



Panel Performance Assessments

Development and agreement of a framework and model for panel assessments, plus delivery of two pilots of panel assessment approaches.


Revised Model Constitution

Work with Lawyers in Local Government to review the national model constitution and constitution guide to be adapted locally.


Public Engagement and Participation

Facilitate good practice exchange and support, coproduction and public engagement. Support work around the development of the Welsh Government commissioned Democracy Handbook.


Data and Intelligence

Work with members and Data Cymru to develop and agree consistent set of core performance measures for Welsh Councils and build local data skills, capability and capacity around open-data, social-media analysis and public engagement.

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