WLGA Rural Wales Manifesto

The WLGA Rural Forum, comprised of Wales’ nine rural local authorities call on a greater focus for rural issues to a newly elected Senedd and Welsh Government. Rural Wales is home to a third of the Welsh population who deserve equal consideration and opportunities to thrive.


The WLGA Rural Wales Manifesto makes clear policy asks to develop a holistic approach to economic and community development that complements agglomeration policies across Wales’ more urban areas.


Local Authorities in Wales are ideally placed as delivery agents for social and economic development in rural areas, and the WLGA continues to engage at all levels of government for the financial resources to invest in our rural areas in a post-EU Exit political landscape.


To reinforce that commitment to this approach, the WLGA recently collaborated on a series of podcasts which specifically focused on the key challenges facing rural Wales and priorities for policy identified in the Rural Vision for Wales produced by the WLGA Rural Forum in collaboration with the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society at Aberystwyth University as part of the Horizon 2020 ROBUST project. Hosted by Carwyn Jones, this podcast series delves into the potential of Wales’ rural vision. 


Featuring a host of special guests over the course of 8 episodes, Carwyn Jones explores the future of a rural Wales. The podcasts include:


  1. Diversifying the rural economic base and adopting a circular economy approach to natural rural products (36:15 mins / Aug 2021)

  1. A targeted rural youth programme to invest, upskill and retain bright and talented young people in rural communities (41:46 mins / Aug 2021)

  1. Adding value to rural infrastructure (40:36 mins / Aug 2021)

  1. A sustainable tourism sector that supports local communities, businesses and people

  1. Housing to reflect local community needs

  1. Smart and thriving Rural Towns (34:49 mins / Sept 2021)

  1. Community wealth building and addressing the Missing Middle of the Welsh economy (36:33 mins / Sept 2021)

  1. The Welsh language and its importance to culture and community life (27:59 mins / Sept 2021)

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