Our Goal

To assist local authorities in preparing to implement changes under the Welfare Reform Act and to provide support and guidance where needed

Welfare Reform

The Welfare Reform Act received its Royal Assent on 8th March 2012. The consequences of this legislation on councils will be wide ranging:

  • The move to Universal Credit (UC) will amalgamate a range of work-age benefits into a single welfare payment

  • The introduction of a new Council Tax Support Scheme (CTSS) in April 2013 will present immediate and longer-term challenges for councils and partners across public services

  • The introduction of housing support payment caps will reduce some household’s income and bring about an increased need for local authority support

Since the beginning of 2012 the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) with the help of benefits managers from across Wales has been active in a number of Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) working groups that are preparing local authorities for the introduction of UC across the UK. The Association has also been pursuing since May 2012 three priorities in relation to Welfare Reform:

  • Working with the Welsh Government to mitigate the effects of the introduction of the CTSS for councils and residents. Click here

  • ensuring a role for councils in the forthcoming UC system 

  • tracking the impact of the current and forthcoming changes to Housing Benefit

To help councils and claimants plan and mitigate for the effects of the Welfare Reform Act the WLGA will publish from this page a range of useful resources produced by itself and by a number of organisations including the Welsh Government, think-tanks, universities and other organisations.


For more information contact: Jon Rae


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