Skills and Capacity

One role of the WLGA Employment Team is to help councils to:

  • anticipate and tackle future workforce challenges
  • build workforce support for new ways of working 
  • attract, develop and retain talent 
  • create a skilled, motivated, sustainable and innovative workforce able to meet changing needs

The WLGA does this by:

  • working with local authorities to understand and develop the skills and capacity of their workforce
  • supporting local authorities to deliver improvements and respond to increasing economic challenges and financial constraints
  • working on behalf of local government and with other partners to ensure that new initiatives, policy and strategies take account of local authorities needs to achieve a skilled, sustainable workforce
  • providing a strategic link for local government with Sector Skills Councils and sector bodies to facilitate engagement in sector led workforce development initiatives

Local government also plays a key role in supporting wider initiatives with the aim of not only meeting its own employment needs but also those of the community it serves, this includes:

  • Support for development opportunities such as Apprenticeships, Work placements and Graduate schemes
  • Targeted action to engage with and provide opportunities for those who are NEET and/or economically inactive

For more information contact: Jonathan Lloyd


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