NERS Respiratory Disease Pathway

This pathway is for patients with Respiratory Disease who have completed a course of pulmonary rehabilitation and who wish to continue with their exercise within a 32 week supervised programme with the aim of encouraging long-term participation in physical activity.

The Welsh Exercise Referral Scheme has been based on best practice from the UK, current evidence base, and to operate to National Standards. The scheme has been supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, working in partnership with the British Lung Foundation, University of Leicester Hospital, West Glamorgan Hospital, Loughborough University, Local Authorities, the National Public Health Service and Local Health Boards. (LHB’s)

The Principal Aims Of The Scheme

  • To offer a systematic and safety controlled system of referral to Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation exercise from Clinical Pulmonary Rehabilitation. 
  • To offer a systematic and safety controlled system of referral to independent exercise from Pulmonary Rehabilitation. 
  • To provide a safe and effective community based exercise opportunities suitable to client base that complies with National standards. 
  • To improve physical and mental health and wellbeing of patients. 
  • To increase the long-term adherence in physical activity of patients.

Quality Standards

All protocols used on the scheme represent the best known practice and meet with current national guidelines of the British Thoracic Society, American Thoracic Society and The European Respiratory Society.

All exercise professionals operating the scheme are trained to NVQ Level 3 have a qualification that meets occupational standard D449 working with referred patients, a Chronic Respiratory Disease Exercise Instructor Course , are suitable insured and registered with Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’S).

Inclusion Criteria

The scheme is targeted at patients with Respiratory Disease that have been through a clinical pulmonary rehabilitation, the scheme uses suitably qualified exercise professionals and protocols to enable rehabilitation to be delivered locally and safely, thus there are inclusion and exclusion criteria. It will be the responsibility of the Coordinator to check the referrals received meet the criteria and inform the referrer if they are ineligible. If the condition of the client changes during the scheme and they are no longer eligible the exercise professional should inform the coordinator so appropriate action can be taken.

  • The inclusion criteria is designed to ensure that clients are matched with the correct level of exercise professional 
  • All exercise professionals within the scheme will complete specially designed Chronic Respiratory Disease Exercise Instructor course that meets national standards. 
  • All exercise professionals working within the scheme will be registered with Register of Exercise Professionals and have appropriate insurance.