National TOMs for Wales - Regional Stakeholder Consultation Survey

This work was initiated to help the reform of procurement to support the Wales economy.  The NT for Wales is a framework for social value measurement and management that allows for an unlocking of social value through its integration into procurement and project management.

This project builds on extensive work led by the LGA to support the application of the Social Value Act in England. The policy landscape here includes the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act; has been led by the WLGA Heads of Procurement Network; working with a wider stakeholder group; including Welsh Government Officials and the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner.  This builds on the ongoing initiative in England; applying the knowledge already developed and proven in application; to the Welsh policy. 

Wales TOMs are on track for publication on 13th October.   Application is being trialled by several Welsh Local Authorities. Among the breakthroughs is the ability to influence and measure LOCAL IMPACT while keeping compliance with procurement rules.

This Stakeholder Outreach and Feedback Survey has been distributed via the Stakeholder Group.  The deadline for providing feedback, is the 28th August 2020


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