Local authority partnership names preferred bidder for waste treatment contract

Friday, 01 February 2013

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) has today congratulated Prosiect Gwyrdd on identifying a preferred bidder for the treatment of residual waste in South East Wales. 

In line with the Welsh Government’s waste strategy ‘Towards Zero Waste’, the Prosiect Gwyrdd local authority partnership was put in place to develop the best possible solution for dealing with the waste that is left over once local Councils and their residents have reduced and recycled as much as they can. 

Made up of Caerphilly, Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils, the partnership has named the Viridor run Trident Park energy from waste facility in Cardiff as its preferred solution for treating the 172,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste that is produced in the partnership’s region every year. 

Preferred bidder status cannot be confirmed until it has been recommended by the partnership’s Joint Committee on 7 February and approved by each partnership Council at meetings due to be held between 26 February and 6 March 2013. 

Councillor Neil Rogers (Wrexham), WLGA Spokesperson on the Environment said: 

“While every local authority in Wales is committed to reducing and recycling as much of their waste as they can, this is an important announcement which signals that significant progress is being made in a key area of Wales’ overall strategy for dealing with household waste. 

“Councils throughout Wales are involved in developing a much needed modern waste treatment infrastructure. Energy from Waste facilities have an important role to play in preventing waste ending up in landfill, and they offer councils the ability to generate partly renewable energy from the waste that can’t sensibly be recycled or composted. 

“This announcement must be seen alongside the huge amount of work that is taking place to deliver the ambitious targets set by Wales’ national waste strategy, which prioritises the need to increase levels of recycling and composting. Wales is currently the highest recycling nation in the UK, and the year-on-year increase in recycling rates which has been evidenced is already helping to remove a huge amount of material from the waste stream. 

“Energy from Waste facilities are being developed as a better environmental alternative to landfill, as using our waste to generate energy offers a better option than simply burying it in the ground. While the long term aim is to create a zero waste Wales which is characterised by a more sustainable level of consumerism and use of natural materials, in the medium term we need facilities such as those being developed by Prosiect Gwyrdd to deal with the residual waste that we all help to generate in Wales.” 


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