e-Learning for Councillors

The Welsh Local Government Association is working in partnership with the NHS Wales and local authorities to develop e-learning materials for councillors in Wales. These are the modules currently available for members in 2018. Members should speak to their Democratic Services Officers to be registered on the system. More information available on the NHS website, view here

E Learning Modules available for Councillors on the All Wales Academy

  1. Social Media
  2. Chairing Meetings (Councillor Development)
  3. Corporate Parenting (Councillor Development)
  4. Data Protection Awareness
  5. Decisions for Future Generations (Councillor Development)
  6. The Effective Ward Councillor (Councillor Development)
  7. Ethics and Standards (Councillor Development)
  8. Equality and Diversity (Councillor Development)
  9. Freedom of Information
  10. Introduction to Scrutiny (Councillor Development)
  11. Public Speaking Skills (Councillor Development)
  12. Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014
  13. Violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence
  14. Effective Writing
  15. Emotional Intelligence
  16. Managing Yourself and Your Time
  17. Stress Awareness
  18. Using e-learning in your Development

For more information please contact: Sarah Titcombe


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