Welsh pupils' A Level success matches UK trends

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Welsh Local Government Association has today congratulated Welsh pupils on another successful year for A-Level and Welsh Baccalaureate results. 

Results for 2012 show that Welsh pupils have matched the trends in educational attainment that have been evidenced across the UK, with only small changes in the achievement of A* - E and A*/A grades from last year. 

One stand out success has been a huge rise in the number of pupils succeeding at the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification, for a second year running. This continuous upward trend saw 8,259 candidates being awarded the Advanced Diploma, and marks an increase of almost 20 percent on the previous year. 

Encouragingly, the core subject of mathematics also demonstrated noticeable growth at both A and AS Levels, with 97.8 percent of pupils achieving grade A*-E. Attainment at the highest A* grade also increased from 15.5 to 16.2 percent. This is an important development for a nation that has identified the improvement of numeracy levels as being a key educational priority. 

Cllr Ali Thomas, WLGA Spokesperson for Education and Workforce stated: 

“A level results day is about acknowledging the dedication and the talent of Welsh pupils, and we wish every one of them all the very best for the future. Congratulations must also be given to the education professionals from schools, local authorities and further education institutions who have inspired yet another generation of pupils. 

“There are a number of stand-out achievements. The Welsh Baccalaureate continues to grow in success, achievement in mathematics is on the rise which bodes well for future PISA testing in Wales, and the performance of male students has also seen some improvement. These are all target areas for the education system in Wales and it is encouraging to see the beginnings of improvement. 

“Today’s results provide a sound basis for the future, as we work to ensure that the educational performance of Welsh pupils compares favourably with the leading countries across the world.”

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