Statement by WLGA Group Leaders about the crisis in Ukraine

Tuesday, 08 March 2022


Everyone across Welsh local government have been horrified to see the devastation unfolding in Ukraine. Today, WLGA Group Leaders met to discuss the growing humanitarian crisis in the country. Over the weekend WLGA Leader, Andrew Morgan wrote to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson about the conflict, and today reiterated the call for the UK Government to provide more clarity and act with greater urgency in responding to the refugee crisis. 

Leaders confirmed that Local Government in Wales is ready to do whatever it can to help those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine and are making preparations. In their letter to the Prime Minister, all the Leaders and Presiding Officer called for the current restrictive and bureaucratic visa scheme to be scrapped to enable those people trying to escape the war in Ukraine to come to Wales and find a safe place as easily and as quickly as possible. All the leaders have asked for an urgent meeting with the Secretary of State for Wales to discuss the matter. 

More detail on the routes to the UK is also urgently required so we can make progress on supporting refugees to arrive in the UK, the majority of whom are women, children and other vulnerable people. 

For more information on the crisis please visit WLGA website: Ukraine - Information and Support - WLGA 

And Welsh Government website:


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