Local government to deliver new regeneration framework in Wales

Monday, 11 March 2013

The WLGA has welcomed the launch of a new Welsh Government framework that will change the way Wales invests in regeneration projects in the future. 

The ‘Vibrant and Viable Places’ framework acknowledges the role that mainstream investment can have in regenerating local areas, and will focus on town centres, coastal communities and Communities First clusters in Wales. 

In stating that every pound spent in areas such as health, transport, education, heritage and housing should make a difference to the area in which it is spent, the framework offers a more joined up approach to helping local areas reinvent themselves. 

Based on a targeted investment approach that will see a more intensive and holistic use of resources in fewer places at any one time, the new framework will also see up to £30million per year being made available for regeneration investment. 

Local government in Wales will take a lead role by bidding for funding for regional partnership projects, with all bids having to demonstrate a robust business case and achieve clear outcomes for local communities. 

Councillor Harry Andrews MBE (Caerphilly), WLGA Spokesperson for Regeneration and Economic Development said: 

“Local government welcomes the launch of the new regeneration framework for Wales, and the commitment that has been made to ensure that regeneration activities are as joined-up and effective as possible. 

“The new framework will consolidate the central role that local government already plays in delivering regeneration projects in Wales. Collaboration to boost regeneration, sustainable investment, jobs and prosperity is a major priority and local government has long recognised the need for all partners to coordinate their services and spending in order to stimulate local economic growth and regeneration. 

“Local government believes it is critical that the new framework is used to maximise the opportunities presented by the next round of European structural funds. Under the Framework, there will be financial support in 2013/14 to ‘round off’ some of the existing regeneration commitments in Wales, and from 2014/15 onwards the framework can be used as a regenerative ‘springboard’ to match-fund future EU monies and create further growth and regeneration for our local communities.” 


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