Councils meet to tackle welfare reform challenges

Friday, 15 March 2013

Delegates from across local government in Wales have met to identify what must be done to meet the challenges being created by sweeping reform of the welfare state. 

Forming part of Welsh local government’s response to the controversial welfare reform calendar set by the UK Government, the event provides insight on the key reform milestones to highlight what needs to be done to support local communities through the huge impacts that are expected to follow such widespread change within the welfare system. 

Councillor David Phillips (Swansea), WLGA Spokesperson for Welfare Reform said: 

“The UK Government has set in train the largest revision of the welfare settlement since the post war period, and local councils and their strategic partners now face the unenviable task of not only administering these changes, but of mitigating the effect of these reforms on some of the most vulnerable communities in Wales. 

“While many of us may disagree with the way these reforms are being implemented, especially the way in which claimants are being stigmatised, local government does have a responsibility to ensure that the people of Wales are made fully aware and are equipped to deal with what is coming. We must continue to provide for the most vulnerable within our society, ensuring that they are well supported and well protected. 

“Local government in Wales is already heavily focused on the welfare reform agenda, with councils across Wales working with their residents and partner organisations to identify those who may be impacted and how they can best be supported. A number of local councils are also involved in pilot project activities which will hopefully help shape the direction of some of these reforms in the future. 

“This latest event provides vital insight into the impacts and the milestones that will need to be met not only in the next few months, but over the coming years, and has allowed us to take one more step in developing a robust response to the significant challenges being created by UK Government welfare reforms.” 


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