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Pembrokeshire Supported Employment - A Programme for All (Pembrokeshire CC) 

Pembrokeshire County Council were shortlisted for a ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ LGC award in 2021 for their Supported Employment programme.  The programme began back in 2018 when as part of a comprehensive engagement and consultation process to develop a Learning Disability Strategy, people with learning disabilities and autism told the Council that they wanted more opportunities for paid employment.  The first employment opportunity was to employ Learning Disability Champions to work with both officers within Pembrokeshire County Council and third sector partners to develop and implement the actions against the strategy. The programme is innovative not because individual elements are new or untried but because it has bought together a number of tried and tested methods into a strategic programme that aligns objectives across a number of agendas.  The programme is a partnership between the local authority, the local health board and key third sector partners.  The programme is a key component of the Council’s equality action plan, driving an increase in disability employment across the local authority not just in the programme itself.  From employing 25 people with disability in 2017, today Pembrokeshire County Council employs over 65 people with disability in its supported employment programme. 


Shortlisted – LGC Awards 2021


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